Chioun Lee is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology at the University of California-Riverside (2018-Present). She earned her Ph.D. in Sociology from Rutgers University in 2012 and received postdoctoral training in population studies at Princeton University (2012-2014) and NIH career development training in epidemiology and psychology at the University of Wisconsin at Madison (2014-2017). She was the recipient of an NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00).

Dr. Lee is committed to investigating the social stratification of life adversities (stressors) and health disparities over the life course. Her research applies advanced methodological approaches, for example, latent class models to handle the heterogeneity of life adversities (dimensionality, magnitude, and duration); causal mediation analysis designed for high internal validity to reveal life-course pathways that contribute to health disparities; and pattern mixture models to investigate cumulative (dis)advantage in longitudinal studies with high attrition. She has used multiple longitudinal studies of aging to examine populations not only from the United States (MIDUS, HRS), but also from other countries, including Japan (MIDJA), Taiwan (TLSA), and European countries (SHARE).

Contact Information

University of California, Riverside
Department of Sociology
900 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92521